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Captain Cook

Australian rhyming slang


come on

As in "Carn the Doggies!" (Come on the Fremantle Bulldogs!).

1. drugstore.
2. scientist who works with chemicals.


chook strangler
SAS soldier, Special Air Services, secret soldiers, similar to Navy Seals.

They are trained to live off the land when they have to and that's why they're called 'chook stranglers'. Chooks are chickens and a handy source of food for a secret soldier.

SAS now and then
SAS on Wiki

Chrissy / Chrissie

Chrissy pressy / Chrissie pressie
Christmas present, Christmas gift

chucking a sickie
taking a paid sick day off work when you're not sick enough or are just plain fakin' it.

chucking a wobbly
throwing a temper tantrum

picture theatre (theater)

rectum (men), rectum or vagina (women)

Usage example: "Bugger off or I'll give you a kick up the clacker."

Explanation thingy, lacking only a photo of Jack Thompson looking scary in a 70s moustache, which I'll replace with a proper thingy when I'm to the job

Cobb & Co.
19th century horse-drawn coach company providing a coach and mail service to parts of the country not serviced by trains

family jewels, male genitals

convicted criminal transported by the British legal system to an Australian colony such as Port Jackson (Sydney) between 1788 and 1868.

1. Captain James Cook

Cook is to Australia what Christopher Colombus is to America.

Born Yorkshire (England) 1728, Cook captained the Endeavour of the Royal Navy (British), landed at Botany Bay on the 29th of April 1770. More exploration and mapping of Australia's coastline followed. Cook was the most accurate map-maker of his day and his maps have undergone few revisions since. He was killed in the Sandwich Islands (Hawaii) on the 14th of February 1779, due to a misunderstanding, one year after white settlement of Australia.

Cook at Australian Dictionary of Biography - includes photo

2. last English captain to successfully tour Australia

Joke made about the English cricket team's record for wins against Australia.

cop, police officer

criminal convicted in Australia during or after the transportation of convicts from England to Australia between 1788 and 1868.

See also: convict (above)


person or persons of a sexy gender

Usage example: A says "That new guy in Accounts is a nice bit of crumpet."
B says "Hands off, bitch, I saw him first!"

cup of

When one is offered a cuppa one is being offered a cuppa tea (cup of tea) or a cuppa coffee (cup of coffee). When the offer is phrased simply as "Cuppa?" the answer is "Tea please/ Coffee please/ No thanks I'm right". A cup of hot chocolate is referred to as "a hot chocolate". Cuppa-soup is packet soup drunk from a cup and is referred to as "cuppa soup".


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This is a funny site to stumble upon. Maybe I will use it to look up some translations next time I go to Sydney. I will be a vocabulary PI for my fellow travelers, looking up what was really said. tee hee.

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Thank yer kindly. Enjoy yer next visit to Sinny.

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