Tuesday, January 03, 2006


map of Tassie
female pubic area

So called because a hairy one is similar in shape to the map of Tasmania.

Usage example: Yelled at strippers by straight blokes in pubs, "Gorn! Show us yer map of Tassie!"

Mardi Gras
Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras is a month long festival of queer arts, theatre, film, history talks, fund raising for BGF etc etc.

It culminates in the Parade through Sydney which is led by the Dykes on Bikes, participated in by marching boys, marching dykes, PFLAGgers and their kids, coppers, civilians, individuals and groups from Sydney, Australia and all over the world. It is watched by cheering crowds of Sydneysiders queer and straight, young and old, homophobic and normal.

buddy, pal, dude.

In the vocative it is used in the singular. That is, we refer to our mates as "mates" but do not address them collectively as "mates". The Australian language and accent you see in American movies and television is half guesswork and half bullshit. Actors employed to portray Australians in America include South Africans, Britons, New Zealanders and, very occasionally, Australians.

cell phone

Short for mobile phone.

Pronounced mo-bile not moble.

1. bad or selfish person

2. dog of uncertain breed

Usage example: "Some mongrel stole my car."

skeeter, mosquito

Member of Parliment

Australia's political system is based on the Westminster system, the English one.

Mr Whippy
icecream van

Mr Whippy drives a pink and white van and plays Greensleeves. He is to be found in suburban streets, at the beach, outside the footy and cricket and other venues where large amounts of citizens gather.

hot and sticky weather, humid

1. a fish

2. hockey hair


Anonymous Anonymous said...

mp means MEMBER of parlimemnt you clown. are you a pomistani trying to be aussie?

3:28 AM  
Blogger Spike said...

Keep yer hair on. It was a typo.

4:58 AM  

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