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sausage sanger
sausage sandwich

See also snag sanger.

seachange, seachanging
cashing out, downshifting, leaving your 9-to-5 life and opting for a simpler life with less credit cards and more time.


fuck, screw, make the sex, have sex.

Shagging can lead to shagger's back.

1. bad, awful, hideous.

Example: A says, "I feel shithouse this morning. Got a bit drunk last night."

2. toilet.

Example: B says, "Bazza is built like a brick shithouse. He's a big bloke."

fraudulent or near fraudulent

Dave says, "You hear about Bazza's new car? Five minutes out of the dealer and the clutch is gone."
Simmo says, "Yeah, well, that's what you get when you buy from Shonky Bros."

Also: dodgy

person of short stature

Example: "Met this guy off Gaydar on the weekend. Looks as good as his picture, great face, great body. That he stands up and he's a complete short-arse! 5 foot nothing!"

slag off
trash someone's reputation

insult members of an opposing sports team, usually during a game

The Australian national cricket team is notorious for sledging.


1. sausage

2. sensitive new age guy, a nice guy, a guy who doesn't treat women like servants or inferiors and acknowledges he has an emotional life.

Note: this does not mean a submissive guy. In between being an prick and being a doormat.

snag sanger
sausage sandwich

Very popular at public barbeques such as charity fund-raisers, fun runs or other open to the public sporting events.

Making the snag sanger: line up at the trestle table, accept your one or two slices of white bread, shuffle along the queue and accept a red hot sausage plonked onto your bread direct from the barbie, answer "yep" or "no thanks" to onions, shuffle along to the next spot and answer "tomato" or "barbeque thanks" to the question of "what sauce?". Your snag sanger is now complete. Eat standing up and leaning forward slightly to avoid damage to clothes.


Example: "Giss a snog then." (Give us (me) a kiss.)

necking, kissing

Not tonsil hockey but may involve tonsil hockey, according to how you feel about other peeps' saliva.


There are endless jokes about solicitor's briefs.

hottie, sexually attractive person.

Example: Jared Padalecki is a big hunk of spunk.

Putting "Padalecki" into Google Images is heartily recommended.

hottie, sexually attractive person.

squiz, squizz

Said to be Australian rhyming slang for crook (criminal) with the criminal connection being 1920s Melbourne gangster Squizzy Taylor.

nekkid, nakey, in the buff, naked.



Steve Irwin AKA the Crocodile Hunter
Bit of a showpony but he put his money where his mouth was, as we found out after he carked it. Bought up land with his own money to save it for the endangered species and so on. Onya, Stevo.

sticky, have a
check out, stick your nose into, investigate

Example: "I had a sticky at your brakes and they're buggered."

sticky beak
nosey parker

tight-fisted, cheap, close with a buck, short arms deep pockets

Pronounced stin-jee, not sting-ee.

Australian as she was spoke by Steve Irwin.

Does not make the speaker appear educated but is very popular with Hollywood movie makers. Thanks for nothing, Hollywood.

small bottle of beer, shorter than a longneck.

superannuation, 401K

Super is compulsory for all full-time employees. It's paid by the employer out of your gross pay. You can contribute some extra to it if you like. Super funds are mostly administered by private companies and a significant number of us assume our super will have been embezzled by the time we're old enough to collect it.

suspicious, suspect, dodgy.

Usage example: B says, "I didn't see him steal it but he's definitely a bit suss."

suss it out
check it out, investigate it.

Example: A says, "My steering's a bit wonky. Better suss it out soon."


Blogger tryanotherusername said...

Spunk also has another meaning...the product of ejaculation.

Love the idea of this blog!

9:23 PM  
Blogger Spike said...

Spunk ...the product of ejaculation

Much to the consternation of Americans when someone is described as a spunkrat >:)

Love the idea of this blog!


9:36 PM  
Blogger Mum-me said...

What about strewth?

3:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Spunkrat = rugrat = crawling child, a child being regarded as a wad of spunk.

6:52 PM  
Blogger Ozymandias said...

Hmm... no stoush? I'd never heard that before I came to Australia.

3:46 AM  
Blogger Ozymandias said...

Spruik too...

3:48 AM  

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