Tuesday, January 03, 2006


1. blowjob, oral sex.
2. haircut.

a guest of Her Majesty
in prison, in gaol, in jail

The official head of the Commonwealth of Australia is the Queen of England. Some of our government departments have had or still have "H.M." or "Her Majesty" in their names. The prisons services used to. Now they're mostly called the Department of Corrective Services or similar. But we still use the term "a guest of Her Majesty" to mean someone who's in prison or about to be.

Department of Corrective Services, Western Australia
New South Wales Department of Corrective Services - notice the crown representing the Commonwealth and thus the English monarch in the site's header image.

Hills' hoist
umbrella shaped clothesline

The hoist bit refers to you being able to raise and lower them by a winder handle.

My grandparents used to put a canvas cover over theirs at Christmas and my grandfather sat under it dressed as Santa and handed out the Christmas presents to us kids.

In the opening ceremony of the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, some of the dancers wore giant Hills' Hoists on their heads. It was fun.

Hungry Jacks
Burger King


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