Tuesday, January 03, 2006


gold coin
1. $1 or $2 coin

2. gold coin donation

Lots of charity events and amateur sporting events have "gold coin donation" on their flyers and adverts and there's someone at the gate with a bucket for you to chuck your gold coin into. Not chucking in a gold coin is considered stingy (pronounced stin-jee) and the person not chucking it in is a bloody mongrel.

family jewels, groin

go on

Usage example: Yelled at strippers by straight blokes in pubs, "Gorn! Show us yer map of Tassie!"

gossip, skinny, info, news

So "Gimme the goss" means "What's the skinny?".

booze, alcohol

Usage example:

Davo: "Hey, Simmo, how are ya?"
Simmo: "Orright. Whatcha up to?"
Davo: "Gotta pop in the bottle shop for some grog for the barbie."

undies, underwear, knickers, jocks, pants

Australian rhyming slang. Reg Grundy (TV producer or summat) + undies = grundies.


Blogger Ozymandias said...

What about bashing ("There was a bashing today outside the Opera House" - newsreaders elsewhere would probably say assault), also bludge, bludger, bludging?

3:45 AM  

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