Tuesday, January 03, 2006


pay tv

a little hungry

pension, the
old age pension paid by the Department of Social Security

We do not get a Social Security number when we're born. We only get one if or when we receive some form of Social Security payment such as the pension.

honey, love, sweetheart, darling, babe, etc.

Phar Lap
the horse that won the 1930 Melbourne Cup

One of our great national heroes. Phar Lap was a champion race horse in the 1930s. After he died his heart was found to be abnormally large. Hence the saying "a heart as big as Phar Lap's".

pig's arse
bullshit, no way

An expression of disbelief or refusal.

Example: A says, "I fucked Johnny Depp." B says, "Pig's arse! You never did!"

1. pinball machine.

2. apron, of the sort worn to protect the clothes from damage. Possibly of British origin.

1. piss, urine
2. alcohol

piss, on the

Example: A says, "Whatcher doing tonight?" B says, "Going out on the piss. You?"


When we say someone's pissed they're drunk, not angry.

piss take
send up, spoof

See also: taking the piss (has examples)

pom, pommy
limey, British person, person from the UK.

An affectionate insult, nowhere near as harsh as the American word limey.

pommy bastard
See pommy.

England, the UK, Britain.

poor bastard
expression of sympathy

Example: A says, "You hear about Dave? His guy left him, he pranged his car and his dog died." B says, "Shit! Poor bastard."

poor bugger
expression of sympathy

Milder than "poor bastard".

pollie, pollies
politician, politicians.

1. swimming pool
2. billiards

poof, poofter
fag, faggot, homosexual male


mailman or mailwoman

vehicle or traffic accident

Example: A says, "Where's your car?" B says, "Nasty prang yesterday. Totalled the bastard."

pressie / prezzie
present, gift

Prime Minister
President. Sort of. Close enough.

Prime Miniature
John Wanker Howard.

Howard is a former Prime Minister of Australia. We voted him out on the 24th of November 2007. Our current Prime Minister is Julia Gillard (our first girl PM) who ousted Kevin Rudd, the guy who apologised to the Aborigines. We go to the polls again on the 21st of September 2010.


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