Tuesday, January 03, 2006



As in "Oi! Stop that!" Not oy. Oy is from oy vey. Oi is from oi.

Old Dart, the
England or the whole of the UK.

old money, the
Australian currency pre-1966

We changed from pounds, shillings and pence (British money) to dollars in 1966.

"The old money" is also used to refer to imperial measurements:
Davo: "Ninety millimetres."
Simmo: "What's that in the old money?"
Davo: "Thirty five and three eighths inches."

good on you, you go girl!, High five! Congratulations!

all right

Bazza: "Davo. How you going?"
Davo: "Orright. You?"

Our Kylie
Kylie Minogue also known as the Singing Budgie

An Australian pop princess, her music is big with disco bunnies. A mate of mine went to war in Iraq with Kylie on his iPod. It ain't all death metal in the army.


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